Buy Polo Equipment

Buy Polo Equipment

You successfully mastered your first polo course and have been grabbed by the polo fever  – so where can you buy polo equipment that matches your high standards? Since we are increasingly confronted with this question, we are now remedying this problem. Our parent company, the A Quechua Polo Sports GmbH, runs one of the biggest polo onlineshops worldwide: Here you can not only buy the right polo equipment, but also cool & stylish outfits for everyday life and the polo party!

Buy Polo Equipment: Quality Matters!

In addition to the right technique, the right equipment is also a decisive factor on the polo field. As with most sports, also in polo there are significant differences in the quality of the equipment. At, attention is therefore paid to the quality and price-performance ratio of the products. It is not the fast profit that counts, but the customers. If you have fun and success with your products, you will come back to anyway.

Best Brands – Best Prices

On, we offer not only products of our own label A Quechua, but also Dainese, Razzapura, SanoVet, JL Polo Sticks, Wood Mallets and many other top brands. Our aim is that the polo player finds everything he needs for a good game of polo. The usual polo day begins with the arrival in cool, polo-typical clothes of A Quechua. During the course or the Chukker, you best play with easy-to-use equipment, white polo jeans and a sporty top, as well as the right boots. In the subsequent Assado, the typical Argentinian grill, the experienced polo player reverts back to casual sportswear.

In addition to the must-haves of the polo sports, also offers cool and practical extensions for polistas. For example, the Onlineshop offers the A Quechua book series as well as ‚walking sticks‚ with which you can practice on the perfect polo swing anywhere and without a horse. So if you are looking for a shop where you buy not only polo equipment, but a whole way of the polo life in best quality, then we would be pleased to welcome you as a customer on, the shop of our parent company A Quechua Polo Sports GmbH!

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