PIPA Polo Association

PIPA Poloverband Logo PIPA stands for Polo Instructors and Players Association. PIPA is the world Association of polo players and trainers, comparable to the ATG in tennis or the PGA in golf. The PIPA is a member of FEI and OEPS by which the contact between polo and other riding disciplines is intensified.

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The PIPA Polo Association

The global PIPA Polo Association is located in Vienna, Austria. It is clearly structured by an International management board and presidents in all participating countries. General manager of the PIPA and in the same time Austrian PIPA president is Mr. Uwe Seebacher. Other members of the Management board include Cacho Merlos (Executive Vice President), Mag. Bruno Seebacher and Mag. Christa Heussl.

Areas of responsibility and goals of the PIPA

The PIPA Polo Association works for the development of polo sport from being an exclusive sport for an elite group of people to become the new trend sport. We do so in various fields which the PIPA understands as its main areas of responsibility:

Worldwide Polo schools

The PIPA supports polo schools on an international level and starts new partnerships with already existing polo clubs and schools. All the trainers who are teaching in A Quechua polo schools or clubs are PIPA licensed whereby a high technical and didactical standard can be guaranteed. In our schools we use high quality polo equipment which leads to a good learning experience and a maximum of fun.

PIPA Snow and Beach Polo Tours

For a couple of years now the PIPA Polo Association in cooperation with A Quechua- World of Polo organizes the worldwide largest tournament series in Snow and Beach Polo. In exceptional winter and summer locations four to six International teams compete for the titles of Snow Polo Champion and Beach Polo Champion. The growing numbers of visitors prove the success of theses high media value polo tournaments. If you got interested in our Beach and Snow Polo events please visit the following websites for further information: Snow Polo and Beach Polo.