Play polo

If you want to learn to play polo you are exactly at the right place: The A Quechua poloschool offers to everyone the best opportunities to start with polo, to riders as well as to non-riders. For the duration of the courses we provide the polo ponies as well as the complete polo equipment (polo sticks and walking sticks of different lengths, polo helmet, kneepads etc.). Like this you can learn to play polo at our school with little expenses and effort. Our training concept makes it easy to start with the dynamic team sport: After one or two beginners‘ weekend courses you are part of the game and ready to play your first chukker – that’s how the parts of a polo match are called.


How can you learn to play polo at the A Quechua poloschool?

We recommend to start with a 3-days-weekend course, an intensive start that brings quick results. Our training starts with using walking sticks and trying to hit the ball on the floor; you continue with training on the wooden horse to get used to the change of perspective and soon after that you move on to the real horse. On the 3rd day the participants of a Polo beginners‘ course know all the basic rules and usually play their first real match.

A second beginners‘ course often follows the first one to solidify the basic rules and polo movements. If you feel ready for it you can of course continue directly with advanced polo lessons or an advanced weekend academy. There are several options to proceed with your polo career: We offer private lessons (available also as a block of 10 lessons), group lessons and Advanced polo academies to work efficiently on your technique and playing tactics. For further information see Polo Courses 2016.

Polo Magazines

We would like to introduce you to two of the leading polo magazines and to our polo book series:

PIPA Seasonal Magazine: Provides everything you need to know about polo. Fascinating stories, polo tipps, interesting interviews and much more. English and German.
Polo+10: German. Gives information about recent polo tournaments and worldwide polo clubs.
Polo Times Magazine: English. Informs about the latest tournaments, polo events and various polo related topics. Informative website.

Polo book series

Besides offering polo lessons and weekend academies we also work on the trendsport’s theoretical foundation and we have published the first polo book series. In four volumes polo players can read about all polo rules and get detailed information about polo tips and tricks.

Click here for further information about the Polo book series.