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Snow Polo @ A Quechua Poloclub

Many are annoyed about the late winter with much snow and cold temperature in Austria. For us, it is a blessing: Finally we could play in our polo club Snow Polo! Depending on the temperature and snow, we will most likely play again on the upcoming weekend in Kumberg. Curious people are welcome to drop by! More impressions of the weekend can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/aquechuapoloschule.graz/

Snow Polo A Quechua Poloclub und Schule Österreich Poloaustria


First Training in 2018

On the first weekend of 2018, A Quechua players met for the first training session in 2018. We could also welcome Benjamin Darroux from Wiener Neustadt!

First Training 2018 at A Quechua Poloclub Kumberg Graz Austria Poloaustria


Horse Blessing on December 26th

What a great day! On December 26th, all our polo ponies got blessed by a priest from Graz. You can read all about it here: http://www.aquechua.com/horse-blessing-at-a-quechua-poloclub-2/


A Quechua X-Mas Party

On December 16th, we invited for the A Quechua X-Mas Party 2017. This year’s venue has been our polo club, where we served sweets and self made hot apple punch. Thanks to all who came and made this party very special!

Polo-Weekend 18. – 19.11. is FULL!

Rien ne vas plus! The polo weekend from November 18th to 19th is fully booked! To secure the quality of our courses and tryout-days, we can only accept a certain amount of registrations. Last chance to play polo in 2017 is from December 16th to 17th. Polo Beginners Courses, Polo Tryout-Days and Tryout-Lessons can be booked.

Booking: info@aquechua.com 

Alma Mater A Quechua Poloclub

What a weekend! From Ocotber 14 – 15 two times PIPA Snow Polo World Champion Uwe Seebacher welcomed students from Styrian Universities at their „Weekend-Alma Mater“ Poloclub at Kumberg/Graz, Austria. Many students followed the… READ MORE 

USI Polokurs Students A Quechua Poloclub Graz Polo Graz A Quechua Poloaustria

1st Austrian Polo Pony was born!

On September 12th, our Poloclub made history as the first Austrian polo pony was born! The young stallion is in best health and has already made his first steps on the polo field. He is the son of the two times Snow Polo World Cup Champion Estrella. More Information & Pictures: http://www.aquechua.com/first-austrian-polo-pony/

Full Week of Polo:

From August 7th to 10th we had much polo action at A Quechua Poloclub and -school Kumberg/Graz. Even the biggest Styrian newspaper visited us!
Read all about it here!

2 Kinder Polo spielen Polo Kids Camp 2017

Some Impressions from our last polo courses:

Polo Kurs Juli 2017 - 2 Polo Course July 2017 Polo Course July 2017 - 2 

We are International!

During the last weeks we could welcome guests from Brazil and England! Read more: http://www.aquechua.com/international-guests-riding-festival/

Polo Kids & Entrepreneurs Days 2017

On June 17th, A Quechua, Knax Klub and Spark7 invited for the Kids Polo Day 2017 at our poloschool! The event has been a huge succes. Here is the full report including a nice video: http://bit.ly/2rYWHey

On June 18th, A Quechua and Steirische Wirtschaft invited for the Entrepreneur’s Polo Day 2017. Also this event has been a huge succes. Here is the full report including a photos and a video: http://bit.ly/2sSgvSH

Polo Kids Day 2017 A Quechua Polo

Free Polo Tryout-Day for Kids & Teens!

On June 17th kids and teens get the opportunity to try polo for free at our poloschool! In cooperation with Knax Club and Spark7 we organize a free Polo Tryout-Day for kids and teens where they will also get the opportunity to sign for the Polo Summer Camp!
More Information & Registration: http://www.aquechua.com/knax-spark7-polo-day-2017/
Direct Registration: http://bit.ly/2quxpbt


For the new magazine of the Polo Instructors and Players Association (PIPA), the Polo World Association tested our polo school. The (very, very good!) Result can be found on page 13: https://issuu.com/uweseebacher/docs/ptm_magazin_0517_digital_single?utm_source=conversion_success&utm_campaign=Transactional&utm_medium=email

Our Poloschool at Graz Spring Fair 2017!

From 27 April to 1 May we were invited to the Graz Spring Festival. We were able to convince many people of the new Trendsport Polo and our polo school in a very down to earth style. Our stand could really be seen:

Grazer Frühjahrsmesse 2017

‘Steirische Wirtschaft’ writes about our Poloschool!

In the issue 13/2017, the renowned weekly newspaper of the Styrian Chamber of Commerce reports about A Quechua Polo and our polo school and also raffles 20 Schnuppertage: http://www.stwi.at/#!/issue/7418/page/34

Graz In Magazin reports about our Poloschool!

The respected Grazer magazine GRAZ IN reports about our polo school in the context of the coverage of the Snow Polo World Cup 2017: https://www.grazin.info/grazin-wir-sind-inhalt/kultur-freizeit-tiere-gesellschaft/snow-polo/

Here you find a selection of articles about A Quechua Polo in Austria and the polo school Kumberg. Most articles are in German, so you find them on our German page only. Two English articles about A Quechua and Kumberg you find here:

Polo Luxury & Country Life Magazine

Kurier Bild for Polo Blog

Welcome to the Polo Blog of our poloschool!

Of course, our polo blog refers to activities, publications, awards and all other important events around our beautiful polo school in Kumberg near Graz. Since we are of course proud of our facility, we would like to keep these special events in this polo blog. In contrast to many other (also Polo specific) blogs, there are no fixed publication times and dates. Whenever something worth mentioning happens, we keep it here. We would also like to save you from reading unnecessary phrases or non-significant postings. We hope this polo blog will help you to get an even better picture of our polo school.

See you on the field!