Polo book series

The unique and globally successful A Quechua polo book series captivates it’s readers with it’s clear structure and the unique expertise added by many polo pros and coaches from Brazil and Argentina as well as sport scientists and mental coaches. The books offer new ways, methods and accesses to the game and can easily be used for self-study. Each book of the series is also available as eBook. If you are interested, you can find more information at myaquechua.com or at amazon.de.

Volume 1: Simply Polo.
The first book of the polo book series covers all the basics you need to get going with polo sport. Beside theoretical basics the book offers unique pictures and practical exercises. Especially the sections polo mental training, horse fitness, physiotherapy and the great range of tips and tricks given by polo pros distinguish this book from other polo books and make it the worldwide best selling polo book (eight editions and eBook).


Volume 2: The Polo Connection
The second book of the polo book series focuses on the connection between the polo pony and the player. Though this connection is one of the most important parts in polo, it is often underestimated. Supported by this book the perfect connection between horse and player can be reached in a short period. You will learn the perfect handling of your own horse as well as of foreign horses.


Volume 3: The Perfect Swing
The third book of the A Quechua polo book series is about the perfect swing, one of the key elements in polo. This book was co-edited by the famous polo player Sebastian Merlos and contains his unique photographic material. The content of the book extends from the development of the polo swing to explanations of the perfect swing and possible mistakes. In addition, there are numerous exercises for learning the perfect swing. This book is a must have for all beginners and advanced players!


Volume 4: The Smart Game
This book of the A Quechua polo book series addresses polo players who want to improve their game and tactic on the field. The book primarily treats the topics knowledge of the rules, fouls and tactical moves. Also the mental level – important to keep track of the game – is described and explained. This book will help you and your team to faster anticipate the development of the game.
A „smart“ polo game is a composition of horse-riding, technique and anticipation. In this book those components are covered and explained by tips, tricks and many images. Numerous exercises make the book suitable for self-study.