Polo Trips

A Quechua Polo Trips: Play polo in different polo locations worldwide

For polo players and polo beginners who like to travel we have the perfect offer: Polo trips in Europe and South America. Some of our journeys are suitable for polo beginners and most trips are also for (non polo playing) family members.

If you book an A Quechua Polo trip your polo course happens to be both a sporty and cultural experience. Our destinations include polo clubs that we visit every year as well as clubs that we just discovered and would like to introduce to our players. Visiting international polo institutions, our polo players get the possibility to get to know other training methods and new polo locations. Through exchange visits and international trainings and tournaments we maintain and cultivate contacts to a selection of other polo schools and polo clubs.

Czech Open Polo Trip Polo Reise 2016

Polo Trip 2016 Czech Open

Participating in polo journeys our polo players get to know different polo fields and ground conditions. Through these valuable experiences they learn to adapt quickly to diverse playing conditions – a big plus in view of their future participation in polo tournaments. Talking about polo tournaments: Many A Quechua polo trips offer the participation in a polo „exercise“ tournament, usually following a couple of days with intensive polo training. So polo players are step by step introduced to tournament situations and can prove their skills in a public competition in a still relatively private climate.

Chile Ladies Polo Trip 2015 A Quechua Polo

Watching the Polo Pro’s: Ladies Polo Trip to Chile 2015

Our polo trips are suitable for family vacation, all locations are child friendly and we offer reasonable prices for accompanying family members. For all further information don’t hesitate to contact us in case via info@aquechua.com of any questions.

Next Polo Trips

Currently we are organizing our schedule for 2018 and plan new polo trips and select possible partners. We are also checking various offers to select the best for you. Please be patient – as soon as we launch new polo trips they will be published here as well as in our newsletter!

Group Bratislava Polo Trip A Quechua Polo

Group Picture at the Polo Trip to Bratislava